Individual Supervision

Within an individual supervision the client discusses the (business) situation in an one-on-one interview with the supervisor. Contents are in particular personal behaviour based on values, experiences, thoughts and emotions.

The advantage of an individul supervision is, that sensitive issues and questions can be raised and discussed in an absolutely protected area.

Possible questions for individual supervision:
  • How can I change my role being everybodies darling and  perfect?
  • What can I do to deal with “complicated“ people in my familial/private/professional area?
  • How can I overcome an existing crisis in my live?
  • How can I reduce my excitement previous to important events (e.g. speech, presentation)?
  • How can I address painful topics?
  • How can I use my moving spirit without suffering from the increased pressure?
  • What can I do to find balanced contact to myself and to my violative parties?
  • How can I reduce speed in my live and prevent burnout?
  • How can I balance out my job and family?