Intercultural Competence

Everyone has his own story, his own life and his own cultural affiliation. The increasing internationalization places employees, colleagues and business partners in front of additional challenges to also co-operate efficiently and effectively and to communicate within and beyond national borders.

As a manager and employee of a company with employees from over 45 countries, I have experienced intercultural competence as a key to successful and appropriate dealing with people of various cultural orientations. It is not about the definition and stereotyping of fixed cultures but rather intercultural awareness of diversity in thinking, feeling, acting and perceiving.

Walk with me on a cross-cultural journey of discovery:
  • Individual and cultural value systems
  • (In)direct communication and body language
  • Relational versus physical orientation
  • Decision finding and problem solving
  • Dealing with time
  • Work styles
  • Hierarchical thinking
  • Dealing with uncertainty