Probably you know that? – A meeting lasts hours of hours and a lot of qualified employees take part in longlasting discussions without result. The workshop ends up with no clear message and the further handling is postponed to the next meeting. The consequences are wasting valuable working hours, frustrating attendees as well as shrinkening motivation and productivity.

That doesn’t have to be like that. My responsibility is primarily to clarify the mandate and fix the objective. During the workshop systematic negotiation and usage of methods bring all participants to work consequently on the topics and focuse on the goal. In that case a lot of ideas and thoughts are bundled in a stable result, involving all participants and bringing transparency into complex topics.

Depending on your need, I am using following methods like:

  • Dynamic Facilitation
  • Design Thinking
  • Brainwriting and Brainwalking
  • Future Conference
  • World Café
  • Open Space Technology
  • Appreciative Inquiry