What is Supervision? – I first approach delivers the latin origin over-view. Supervision is a kind of ressources and solution oriented consulting of indiviuals or groups. With support of the suppervisor individuals, groups or organisations are learning to reflect their professional acting and to generate course of actions. Therefore supervision contributes along the process to improve the qualitiy of professional acting on the base of the declared objective agreement. My working and conversation style is based on systemic consulting and supervision.

Exemplary questions to be covered within supervision:

  • How can I manage the upcoming challenges (with my team)?
  • How do I make decisions? How do I solve concrete problems?
  • How can I mark something out? How do I deal with excessive demand?
  • How effects the expectation and behaviour connecting to a role my team/the organisation?
  • What becomes important in regard of power and taking over responsibility?
  • How can I improve the cooperation within my team, within the organisation?
  • What can I do for a successful introduction and integration of new employees?

We clarify in a first consultation if supervision is the right method for your concern. Afterwards please feel free to decide to continue in a suitable format for you. Regarding costs for supervision I would be pleased to answer your questions personally.

I would be pleased to agree on a first consultation without charge.