Personal Coaching

You want to reflect your impact, inner attitude and capabilities and expand in terms of your goals? Then Personal Coaching is a sensible and effective way to further develop in an individual manner.

My understanding of personal coaching is not to give you practical advice and a fixed solution in a "quick shot" method. My function is rather to identify and promote your own potential through careful listening and problem-solving oriented questions, so that you can resolve outstanding issues from your own resources and strengthen your self-motivation. The consulting format contributes to support your personal development and to increase your quality of life. Therefore you can call personal coaching also as life coaching.

I am happy to support you in the following questions:
  • You are in a crisis situation?
  • You must make an important decision?
  • You are looking for new thinking and behavior approaches for tricky issues?
  • You have just started a new job?
  • You want to reflect your personality?
  • You are in an intense process of change?
  • You want to find out and promote your personal strengths?
  • You want to identify a better way of dealing with stress?
  • You want a personal, professional advice on a specific topic?

Personal coaching - purposefully and systematically for individual solution!